Sports Betting for CT


Investing in Connecticut


Sportech, a ready and regulated partner of the State of Connecticut, provides legal, taxed pari-mutuel wagering at its 16 venues, through a telephone wagering service, and through a legal and regulated online wagering website,



Sportech Consumer Brands in Connecticut


Why should Sportech provide Sports Betting in Connecticut? 

Since purchasing the Off-Track Betting System from the State in 1993, Sportech has operated as a good corporate citizen, offering safe, legal and regulated gaming entertainment, and contributing hundreds of millions in tax revenues to the State and to the local communities in which it operates.  In the last six years alone, Sportech has paid over $42 million in state, local, and municipal taxes in Connecticut.

Sportech is already licensed and regulated by the State of Connecticut, through the Department of Consumer Protection, for the conduct of legal gaming. Sportech currently employees 400 employees with the expectation of significantly increasing employment should it be named a provider of Sports Betting in Connecticut.

Sportech can draw from its parent company’s century of broader global experience providing betting products to over 440 licensed customers in highly-regulated markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia—resulting in approximately $12 billion in wagers processed annually by Sportech systems.



Backing Responsibility

We pride ourselves on operating at the highest levels of integrity and working with governing bodies, regulators and official sporting bodies to provide sustainable and socially responsible betting.


Responsible Gaming
Sportech takes its responsibility to its customers very seriously and is operating in highly regulated markets, where the need for responsible behavior is key.


Charitable Initiatives
Sportech engages in chartable initiatives through regular corporate giving. In addition, our Bump 50:50 helps foundations raise funds in stadia at sporting and entertainment events, with proceeds supporting the foundations’ charitable missions.


Employee Responsibility
Sportech employs over 800 team members worldwide and takes seriously our responsibly for providing a safe, rewarding work experience and working environment.


Environmental Responsibility
We’re working to reduce our impact on the natural environment, with internal initiatives to address resource consumption and with products that help shift from paper-reliant operations to those that are digital.


Sports Betting Facts

  • Many states, including those that border Connecticut, have already legalized or are currently considering legislation to legalize Sports Betting.

  • Sportech is a qualified partner to the State of Connecticut, regulated and ready to take action on Sports Betting in its venues and online.

  • Sports Betting can help fill the state budget hole.  $12.3m in tax revenues are projected for Year 1 on Sports Betting activity through existing channels and are projected to double within five years.  

  • Direct and Indirect jobs will result from the introduction of Sports Betting in Connecticut.

  • Legalizing Sports Betting will help eradicate the unregulated and untaxed illegal black market that is currently estimated to cost Connecticut residents $600 million per year, putting consumers at risk, exposing minors to illegal betting activity, and depriving the State of tax dollars.

  • With over 400 employees throughout the State, and secure brick and mortar and online channels, Sportech is regulated and ready to safely introduce Sports Betting.